New Pocketfold Wedding Invitations for 2014!

Pocketfold Wedding Invitations

See our new range of pocket fold wedding invitations available from 2014.  Our new Pocket Wedding Invitations are the latest style we’ve added to our range at Invitation House.

Pocket Fold Wedding Invitations

Pocketfold Wedding Invitations

This design enables you to send information to your guests in the form of extra cards which are kept safely in the pocket at the side of the invitation.  The insert cards can be removed from the wedding invitation for convenience, very useful it you have included directions.

Information suitable for insert cards are as follows:

Directions to venue
Gift List Details
Accommodation options in the local area
Taxi Numbers
Venue restrictions ie. children
Timings and Order of the Day
Wedding Breakfast Menu

Ordering Wedding Invitations


Wedding Invitations

Ordering Wedding Invitations

Similar to choosing the perfect wedding dress, ordering wedding invitations can cause bridal panic attacks. First impressions last forever, and wedding invitations set the tone and theme for the entire affair – not to mention the fact that they’ll last forever in your mother-in-law’s scrapbook.

Put all that together and it’s easy to see what a central role invites play in your big day. But remember, this is supposed to be fun! Take a deep breath and consider the following invitation details to guide yourself through the process intact.

Many brides struggle with creating the perfect theme for their weddings. In my experience, brides begin with a theme in mind, but it goes out the window once they see invitation samples they love. Keep an open mind about invitations, especially if you have no locked-in theme or colour scheme. Sometimes, actually viewing product samples is the difference between liking an invitation and ordering an invitation. My best advice when it comes to planning a wedding is to stick with a colour theme, rather than stick to a design theme. Narrow design themes can eliminate choices before you’ve even considered them.

Invitations can get pricey. It’s also difficult to weigh a fair price against the level of quality and detail required. I recommend that brides compare the prices of many wedding invitation suppliers to ensure they’re receiving reasonable deals. Invitation House offer free guest name printing on invitations, and offer free shipping on all UK orders over £200. It’s important to consider each aspect of a price to get the best value for money.

Wedding Invitation design

Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. What one bride loves, another bride hates. For example, more outgoing brides could feel that a tri fold with a satin ribbon and diamante heart perfectly sets the stage for an elaborate, flashy wedding. On the other hand, traditional brides may love classic invitations, featuring a white hammered card with black, gold or silver ribbon that appears simple and elegant.

I would also recommend that brides stay away from adding photos of the couple to the wedding invitations. Photos of the couple, or of a landscape, are more appropriate for a thank you card or a save-the-date card. If you have your heart set on incorporating a favourite photo, use it on your wedding order of service, table menu or wedding favour.

Wedding Stationery Supplier

Shopping for invitations online can save brides a lot of time, money and stress. Wedding Invitation suppliers, like Invitation House, offer a vast selection of designs and can provide a custom design invitations to fit each bride’s unique requirements. Brides can also easily search for reviews of suppliers online. Past brides often offer the most reliable feedback.

Ease your invitation stress by performing a little research before contacting suppliers. Know roughly what you want, but keep an open mind in order to get the best results. Have fun with the process, and you’ll be able to create something that you’ll want in your scrapbook, too.

Wedding Planning – Part 2 – Top Tips for Planning Your Wedding

Wedding Planning
Part Two – 10 Step guide to planning your wedding

Step 5 – Plan your wedding guest list

Your guest list and the number of people invited will be closely linked to your budget as within your budget you’ll have an agreed amount to be spent on the reception venue. The size of the reception venue could also determine the number of people who can be invited.

So now start planning who is invited. Start with the people closest to you, the key players (family members, best man or men, bridesmaids, etc) and then work outwards. Imagine you are designing your ‘family and friends tree’.

At this point, do not worry about the actual number of people you have down but think more about not overlooking anyone. Once you are convinced you have everyone included, you can start eliminating people off the list or at least categorising people into daytime and evening guests.

Be prepared to give and take a little when discussing people with your partner and try to be as accommodating as possible.

Step 6 – Choosing the dress

Buying a wedding dress will be one of the most fun and exciting parts of the whole wedding preparation process. Remember to plan attire and accessories for the groom, ushers, bridesmaids, flower girls, pageboys and every other member of the wedding party’

Step 7 – Order wedding stationery

Whilst you’ve probably already told everyone you know about your up and coming marriage, now is the time to make it official. Your wedding invitations and associated stationery (rsvp cards, information cards etc.) should be sent out approximately 3-6 months in advance of your big day, but it’s never too early to choose a design or style of stationery that you love. In order to give your guests as much notice as possible, why not send out ‘save the date’ cards to announce your wedding and ensure that your guests keep that date free, with an ‘official invitation to follow’ in the near future. At Invitation House we supply the complete range of wedding stationery to include Save the Date cards, wedding invitations, rsvp cards, information cards, order of service booklets, place cards and table plan cards and thank you cards, all created in the same design to match your wedding theme.

Step 8 – The Honeymoon

Planning a wedding is a lot of work and at the end of it you’ll need a holiday! Your honeymoon could be your first few weeks alone with your new partner, so it should be truly exciting. If you’ve not built your honeymoon spend into your main wedding budget then decide between you both how much money you can allocate for your honeymoon, and where you’d like to go.

Step 9 – Book a photographer

Through out your wedding day you will experience so many wonderful moments that you will want to remember forever. Do plenty of research to ensure you find the right photographer to capture your magic moments.

Step 10 – Your wedding guest list

Whilst you are getting married for love, one nice ‘bonus’ is all those lovely presents you are going to receive. It is a good idea to have a gift list so you don’t get 4 toasters and 5 kettles! Wedding gift lists can be arranged at most leading department stores. Another popular choice for the modern bride and groom is to request money instead of a boxed gift. As most couples have already established a home before they have got married this is now the preferred options and ensures money can be put towards a lovely honeymoon or household improvements.

Finally, enjoy the planning and have fun!


This article was brought to you by Invitation House suppliers of affordable wedding invitations and wedding stationery

Wedding Invitations from 60p each

Affordable Wedding Invitations 60p each.



Wedding Planning – Part 1 – Top Tips for Planning Your Wedding

Wedding Invitations and Order of Service

Wedding Invitations and Order of Service

Wedding Planning
Part One – 10 Step guide to planning your wedding

Planning your wedding should be one of the most fun times in your life, our quick step guide has been designed to make planning your wedding day not only fun but also stress free.

Step 1 – Plan your budget

One of the first things to think about when planning a wedding is how much you can afford to spend. Whether your budget is £2000 or £40,000, you can be sure that there are wedding venues and services out there that will suit your needs. Invitation House have affordable invitations ranging from just 60p each for those couples on a tight budget.  Some couples choose to pay for their wedding themselves, whereas others share the cost with their parents, or the parents are happy to fund the whole day themselves.

Step 2 – Find your venue

First of have a rough wedding date in mind. More often than not, unless you are planning to an exact date years in advance, the availability and choice of venue will drive the actual date of the wedding.

Choosing the right wedding venue will most certainly take time, do plenty of research to ensure you find a perfect setting for your big day. If you choose to get married in a church or require a local registrar then be sure to seek the advice of your local Register Office.

When both the ceremony and wedding venue arrangements have been chosen, your whole day should fall into place. Something else important to remember will be your first night together as a married couple. Not all reception venues have hotel facilities, so planning your first night together should be something too consider when viewing wedding venues.

Step 3 – Buy wedding insurance

The average UK wedding costs between £15,000 and £20,000. While it is not very romantic to think about what might go wrong with your wedding, it is best to be prepared. Purchasing wedding insurance from the moment you start spending money on your wedding could really help with peace of mind for both your wedding spend, and honeymoon spend alike.

Step 4 – Select your wedding rings

Now you have set a date and purchased wedding insurance you can start to buy all of the accessories that will bring your big day together. When choosing your rings remember you are also taking another step towards bonding yourselves together forever.

Step 5 – Plan your wedding guest list

Your guest list and the number of people invited will be closely linked to your budget as within your budget you’ll have an agreed amount to be spent on the reception venue. The size of the reception venue could also determine the number of people who can be invited.

So now start planning who is invited. Start with the people closest to you, the key players (family members, best man or men, bridesmaids, etc.) and then work outwards. Imagine you are designing your ‘family and friends tree’.

At this point, do not worry about the actual number of people you have down but think more about not overlooking anyone. Once you are convinced you have everyone included, you can start eliminating people off the list or at least categorising people into daytime and evening guests.

Be prepared to give and take a little when discussing people with your partner and try to be as accommodating as possible.

Part 2 of this guide will follow.

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wedding invitations

Wedding Invitations


Poems and Verses for Wedding Thank You Cards

Wedding Thank You Verses

We can print any wording inside your card but here are a few examples.

Verses for Wedding Thank You Cards

Wedding Thank You Cards

Just a card to thank you
And a line to tell you too.
Nothing could have been more welcome
Than that thoughtful gift from you.

And as the years shall come and go
Your gift will give us pleasure
And bring you back to us again
In memories to treasure.

 So from the tips of our boots
To the tops of our hats
We thank you for your present
And your hearty “congrats”.

 A loving note can barely say
all we felt that magic day.
A heartfelt thanks is sent to you
for your thoughtful gift and wishes, too.

 These few words can hardly say
all I felt on my magical birthday.
I send to you my heartfelt thanks
for your thoughtful gift
and your best wishes too.

 Our wedding day was special because we were lucky
enough to be surrounded by the people we love.
Your thoughtfulness & generosity are truly appreciated.
Thank you for sharing in the start of our new life together.

We would like to thank you In our special way,
For the gift you gave
On our wedding day.
It was thoughtful and kind
And generous too,
The perfect gift
To us from you.
A gift to remind us
Of our wedding day
So to you for your kindness
Thank you we say.

This brings sincere thanks
for the lovely gift you sent.
We hope it helps to tell you
just how much it meant.

Words cannot express
the joy that we feel
remembering that you shared
the beginning of our new life together.

Thank you for your very thoughtful gift.
Your presence at our wedding has added
much love to special our day.
Your gift has brought us joy and will

help us build our life together.
Our wedding would not have been
complete without the support of
our family and friends.
Thank you for sharing our day!

A loving note can barely express how you have added to our happiness. We would like to send our sincerest thanks for your thoughts, your prayers, your wonderful gifts & your presence in our lives.

We planned our day for many months
We thought that it would never come
But then it came, and went so fast
But we have beautiful memories that will always last

Our day was perfect
Better than we could have wished
And in one way or another you contributed to this
Whether you were there to share our day
Or thought of us along the way Gave a gift

Or said a prayer Your kindness & generosity means more to us than words can say
And for this in our hearts you will always stay All our love




Wedding Invitations on a Budget – Keep Costs Down

Wedding Invitations and Wedding Stationery on a Budget – Keeping Costs Down

Below are some top tips on how to reduce your costs and keep to your allocated wedding budget when it comes to your stationery order:

Choose and place the order for the invitations at least 6 months in advance. Ordering the invitations at the last minute can be stressful, not to mention the worry of not getting your guests to respond in time. Stick to your wedding timeline guide and order the invitations early! This is particularly important if you haven’t sent out save the date cards.

Order extra invitations with your original stationery order. Bulk orders at one time will cost you less than having to get extras made later down the line. You will save money on the postage and packaging costs. Ordering extra wedding stationery will also allow for you to invite extra guests should you receive any regrets.

Place your stationery order with one wedding supplier. Not only will this save you time, but it will also guarantee that you’ll be getting the exact same colour match and design when it comes to your place cards, order of service cards, menus or thank you cards.

How about doing away with the response cards completely? Consider adding an email address to your wedding invitations so that your guests can all respond digitally, or add a phone number for text acceptances and regrets. Invitation House have a large range of designs which enable you to include the RSVP details and, therefore, helps you to save money by negating the need for separate cards.

Proof read your wedding invitation thoroughly. You don’t want to have to pay out again for the re-printing of your order.

If you plan on making your own wedding stationery, be sure to consider all costs before you start — including your time. By the time you’ve paid for card, ribbon, printer cartridges, embellishments, envelopes you may find that its false economy. There are lots of very competitively priced wedding stationery companies who can supply wedding invitations from 60p each.

Search for special offers and deals when it comes to placing your wedding stationery order. Invitation House offer free guest name printing and envelopes. If you order all your stationery at the same time and the value is over £200 then we also offer free postage and packaging.

Consider ordering your wedding stationery from an online company, you can order invitations, RSVP cards, guest information cards, order of service cards, wedding breakfast menus, table place cards thank you cards and more Invitation House

Wedding Thank You Cards

Wedding Thank You cards

have just a 3-5 working day turn around, allowing you to send your invites out to guests quickly. You can also personalise your wedding stationery to coordinate with your wedding colour scheme, and some designs allow you to add images and important information about your wedding.

History of Wedding Invitations

History of Wedding Invitations

Before the invention of the printing press weddings in England were normally announced by the Town Crier.

In the middle ages most people were illiterate, however, most of the nobility was literate and they were the ones that began the tradition of sending wedding invitations. Commonly a monk, who was skilled in the art of Calligraphy, would hand write the invitations. These notices often carried the Coat of Arms or personal crest and were sealed with wax. Some couples today still choose to finish their wedding invitations with a wax seal.

The early printing presses were not of a good enough quality for printing wedding invitations. However in 1642 advancements in technology finally meant that higher quality wedding invites could be produced. Although these printed invites were only really affordable by the middle classes. The technology used at this time was metal-plate engraving. However this could be time consuming process as each letter had to be hand carved from a metal plate.

In 1798 Lithography was invented by Alois Senefelder. This printing technique was a vast improvement and meant that sharp and clear printing could be achieved without engraving.

The origins of modern “fine wedding stationery” began after World War II. Increased industrial growth meant that ordinary people could afford high quality printed wedding stationery. Fine wedding invitations were no longer for the middle classes.

The development of thermography provide an alternative to traditional engraving. This method does not impress onto the paper like traditional engraving does. But leaves raised letter on the surface of the paper.

Modern wedding invitations come in a variety of styles, colours and themes. Many different printing techniques are used to create wedding invitations in the modern printing industry. Many choices of card and paper are also available. Other embellishments such as charms and ribbons

Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations

often decorate modern wedding invites. More traditional wedding invites simply contain black text printed on white card with only minor embellishments. Couples do not have to choose a traditional style invite although these are still available. They can choose a design which is full of colour, vibrant, modern and funky. Or perhaps something cute or funny.



Gift List Poems


Gift List Poems

Gift Wish Poems

Gift Wish Poem Cards

On this day, our special day
We do not know how to say
We have a house and contents too
So presents really wouldn’t do
But if a gift you’d like to bring
Then money would be just the thing
We hope this does not cause offence
In our case it makes more sense.

We are sending out this invitation,
And hope you will join our celebration.
If to send a gift is your intention,
In modesty we would like to mention,
We have already got a kettle and a toaster,
Crockery, dinner mats and coasters,
So rather than something we have already got,
Please give us money for our savings pot.
But, most importantly, we request,
That you turn up as our wedding guest.

We haven’t got a gift list, for all of you to see,
Because as you all know we never can agree!
But if you’d like to help us, start our married life,
cash or high street vouchers, would save a lot of strife.

We’ve been together a few years now;
We have pots and pans and linen and towels;
We have glasses and toasters,
really quite a few;
So instead of more gifts,
we suggest this to you;
If it doesn’t offend
and it won’t send you running;
What we would really appreciate
is quite simply money.

We’ve lived quite a while
with all our pots and pans
and as we don’t need homely gifts
we’ve got another plan.
We know its not traditional
but an awful lot more fun
to have items on our wedding list
to help us catch some sun.
So if you’d like to give a gift
and send us on our way
a donation to our honeymoon
would really make our day!

We’ve been together for a while,
And have a lovely home.
There are not too many things,
That we don’t already own
So please don’t be offended,
And please don’t think we’re brash.
But if thoughts were on a present,
We would much prefer the cash.
But the choice is really up to you,
And we would like to say,
That the best gift we could receive,
Is you, here, on our special day.

So what do you get
For the bride and groom
Whose house needs things
In every room?
When shopping for a present please don’t be rash
As there is always the option
To just give cash!
We hope you don’t find
Our request to be funny
But we really would appreciate
A gift of money.

Unsure in our minds, of what we may need,
Not wanting to offend, or show any greed,
We have the essentials to be living in sin,
A kettle, a toaster, and even a bin.
So , money is requested, in order to proceed,
With life’s little luxuries one day we might need.

More than just kisses so far we’ve shared
Our home has been made with love and care
Most things we need we’ve already got
Like a toaster and kettle, pans and pots.

A wishing well we thought would be great
(but only if you wish to participate)
A gift of money is placed in the well
Then make a wish … but do not tell.

Once we’ve replaced the old with the new
We can look back and say it was thanks to you!
And in return for your kindness we’re sure
that one day soon you’ll get what you wished for!


The love of family and friends
Bring happiness that never ends
Each one of you as guests we’ll treasure
You’ll fill our day with so much pleasure
While wedding presents are so nice
Your presence really will suffice
But if a gift is on your mind
Your contribution would be kind
We are saving to buy a home together as you know,
Each welcome gift will help it grow
But the greatest gift is that you’ll say
You’d love to share our wedding day.


Name and Name are getting wed
A happy event it must be said.
They are beginning a new life
Looking ahead to be husband and wife.

To help them set up home anew
Now they’ve found pastures new.
To buy sofas, beds and wardrobes too
A gift of money they request of you.

But, most importantly, they request,
That you turn up as their wedding guest.


We’ve been together now for a year or two,
Our weddings coming up and we’ve invited you.
We have all we need so there’s no wedding list,
But we have a plan, if you must and persist.
A donation to our Wishing Well would be gratefully received,
Just don’t think you have to, we would not be aggrieved.
We really want your company to help make our day,
To eat, drink, and be merry and dance the night away.
We thank you in advance and hope we’ll be seeing you,
Because you’re part of our wish that we want to come true.


About Wedding Invitations


About Wedding Invitations

Motif Wedding InvitationsA wedding is often the most important day in a couple’s life, and is considered right up there with a birth or christening. One great way to announce the impending special day with great style and aplomb, is to choose a high quality set of wedding invitations. Choosing a style that reflects your personality, along with the type of wedding you are planning, will let your guests know that the day will be a special one, and a date that they just can’t miss.

While electronic forms of communication are growing in popularity every day, with services like email, Facebook, Twitter and text messages slowly replacing more traditional forms of communication, when it comes to wedding invitations, you can’t beat a physical card, sent through the post or delivered by hand, for setting the tone of the big day.

While it is fine to send a ‘save the date’ email to announce the chosen date to your would-be guests, most of your friends and family will be expecting, and perhaps hoping, for a paper invitation to reach them. With so many different styles available, there will be something out there that should appeal to you and help start your wedding plans off on the right foot. For those of you who want to incorporate some more recent technology into your invitations, while still remaining traditional, then custom designs and motifs, as well as personalised photos, can be incorporated into many good wedding invitations these days. As this is your special day, it makes sense to send out invitations that reflect this.

Wedding Invitations – Add a Touch of Class with Ribbon

Wedding Invitations with Ribbon

Wedding Invitations - Add a Touch of Class with Ribbon

Your wedding invitation, or in fact your invitation to any celebration, is one of your first steps to planning your wedding or celebration. This is the first hint for your guests of what is to come at your weddding ceremony and reception. There are thousands and thousands of wedding and civil partnership invitation designs to choose from and Invitation House can supply you with affordable invitations which will match your wedding colours and the theme of your special day. We have a huge range of invitation ribbon colours which can be matched up to your bridesmaids dresses, the flower arrangements, wedding cake and decorations at the reception venue.


Personalised wedding stationery is the best way to include you and your fiancé’s personality into your invites. By adding some ribbon to your invitations you are helping to give your guests an early indication of your colour scheme so they can plan their own outfit so as not to clash with your colours.


If you are leaning towards classy wedding invitations then satin ribbons will clearly represent this. Ribbons are a great way to make your personalised invitations stand out from many other invitations. We also stock a huge range of organza ribbon which is a fine sheer quality ribbon with woven edges to stop fraying.


If you want go the little step further we have invitations which combine a ribbon and diamante heart and give a lovely elegant feel – it will really start to get your guests very excited when these wedding invites drop on their door mat!


Dressing up your wedding invitations with ribbons and diamantes add great flair to the occasion and gives the impression of luxury wedding stationery, which usually costs far more.


If you have additional information cards inside the invitation the ribbon can be used to secure everything together and offers a sense of occasion when your guest receives the invitation and unties their bundle.


Ribbons are a nice touch to any invitation and they will show your guests your wedding colours and style in advance they really help you put your mark on your occasion. Use ribbon to dress the wedding car, the wedding cake and other items of wedding stationery so everything matches.


If you prefer to source your own ribbon we offer an invitation printing service so that you can have your wedding invitations and wedding stationery professionally printed and then you can add your own ribbon or embellishments making the invitations exactly as you’d want them.


These are known as part DIY Wedding Invitations and more couples are choosing this route, to ensure they still send out top quality printed invites which they wouldn’t be able to reproduce on a home printer but want the enjoyment of adding some personal touches to the invitations themselves before sending them out.


We keep all invitation layouts on file so if you need additional quantities at a later date we can easily despatch out some more within a couple of days.